Denver Music Education

We’re now offering music classes and private music lessons at Cherry Creek Dance.

Certifications, Curriculum Development, and Trainings

Private schools and universities train in person with Curtis Madigan to develop new required courses and curriculums. These trainings include new systems and methodologies Sound Formation has developed that are integrative, comprehensive, and cross-curricular. Inquire to for more information.

Elementary, Middle school, and High School teachers receive training from Curtis in person to learn the unique approach developed by Sound Formation and earn a Certification in his methodologies. These methods are supported by professional musicians and university music professors.

Special Workshops, Presentations, and Masterclasses

Sound Formation offers in-school workshops for individual, combined classes, or assemblies. The presentation may be on The Sound of Fundamental Math, which combines an understanding of rhythm with the math involved: operations, ratios, geometry, counting, factors and more.

Masterclasses can be one time or recurring events on The Rhythm Compass™ or another subject at colleges and universities. For pricing and availability please contact

After-School Enrichment

Sound Formation offers exceptional after-school enrichment classes in Denver and other cities. For more information visit here.

Private Music Lesson in Denver

Sound Formation provides high quality music lessons in Denver, CO. We offer training on a variety of instruments like guitar, bass, drums, voice, piano, percussion, strings, horns, and woodwinds. Sign up now!

Live Concerts

Sound Formation has an exceptional team of musicians in Denver and other cities. Contact us to book a music group for your event.

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