Workbook Level III

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Rhythm & Percussion with Sound Math™ Level III

Workbook-COVER-_Level-3_001smallThis book is the third in an integrative system for mastering rhythm. This book teaches how to understand rhythm using binary numbers, reflections, rotations, symmetry, exponents and more. It is appropriate for all students that have completed Level 1 and Level II, however for younger students it should be used with a teacher or parent guiding you through the material. This book is used in our advanced percussion ensembles.

The material in this book contains new information on understanding and mastering rhythm.

Sixteenth Note Triplet Reflections - WebsiteLooking at rhythms as shapes with reflections is tremendously helpful to understand the balanced nature of rhythm. Syncopations are taught from the original meaning which is: to pause or rest. In this way we start with a subdivision and sequentially add in one rest, in place of a note. Then, we continually subtract another note and another until we reach simply one note or hit out of the entire original shape.

This creates a mastery in our playing as practicing syncopation in this way is comprehensive.

Accenting Various WebsiteAccents create rhythmic groupings within a particular shape. For instance, within a triplet you can have one or two beats that are distinguished by a dynamic accent.

This is very similar to practicing syncopation as you have many notes that are consistent and exact with one or a few that are distinct.

Practicing accents along with syncopations in this way, ensures an incredibly strong rhythmic groove.


Upbeat, Downbeat...WebsiteThe anatomy of a groove is defined in Level III. We look at any groove and notice, you must have a grasp on the downbeat, upbeat, the subdivision shape that the entire groove originates from, and the rhythmic pattern itself.
Learning how to detract the downbeat, upbeat and main subdivision from any groove is impactful and necessary for rhythmic mastery and the ability to improvise with strong rhythmic feeling.

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About the Author

_1DX0816 copyCurtis Madigan is a music education visionary and has created a revolutionary new music system. After graduating from Berklee College of Music and performing with notable artists, he wanted to share the knowledge he developed with aspiring musicians as well as professional musicians.


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