Advanced Percussion Ensembles

K-5th Advanced Percussion Ensemble

This group is made up of our most talented and dedicated hand-percussion students from our after-school classes, private lessons, and group classes. Please inquire if you’d like to audition.

These ensembles get to perform around town at community events, retirement homes, and concert halls.  This group uses the Rhythm & Percussion with Sound Math™ curriculum at Levels 3 through 5. Instruments at this level include: djembe, darbuka, cajon, bongos, bongo-cajon, shakers, clave.

6-8th Advanced Percussion Ensemble

This group gets into more advanced levels of rhythmic mastery using The Rhythm Compass™. Instruments at this level may include: conga, bongos, clave, cowbell, shakers, and guiro.

9-12th Advanced Percussion Ensemble

This high school aged group learns highly advanced grooves and rhythmic principles. The material learned integrates with concert band, orchestra, and jazz band. Material is given to prepare the students for successful careers in music and help is given in applying to the best music colleges. The Rhythm Compass™ is used for highly advanced rhythmic ideas and grooves.

Performances take place at many community events, music festivals, and concert halls.

Adult Percussion Ensemble – Level 1 & 2

This is the class to take if you’ve watched your child excel in our classes and are wanting to participate yourself. We will learn how to understand and begin to master rhythm using our unique method, which is the simplest way to learn rhythm.

Adult Percussion Ensemble – Level 3 & 4

These classes are for dedicated players, professional musicians that are looking to enhance their rhythm, and others that are ready for this advanced setting.

If you’d like to audition for an ensemble, please fill out the form below.



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