Benefits of Sound Formation After-School Classes

The Sound Formation After-School Rhythm & Percussion class is a one-of-a-kind experience. There are many, many benefits to our unique and extraordinary classes. We have created an integrative and comprehensive curriculum that is ideal for after-school students of all ages, ability levels, and attention spans. Our proprietary system is effective and original.

Hand Percussion is the Ideal Starting Point

Curtis-Madigan Music LessonBecause hand-percussion is so simple, each child has ample attention to focus on learning the foundation of music: rhythm, tone, dynamics, connection and listening ability.

We use the highest quality hand-percussion instruments in our classes. This allows for an ideal experience as every child is able to make a beautiful sound on a highly responsive instrument. This responsivity is very important in sensory-processing development.

Our class format allows for tremendous individual attention as well as a focus on group cohesion, collaboration, and combined creativity.

Sensory Processing and Brain Development

Coordination, synchronization, accurate timing, and developing both hands at the same time are all major factors in your children’s healthy development. We are aware of this importance and work on creating evenness, balance, and rhythmic accuracy throughout our curriculum. We use strategic, fun games that teach the kids how to be ready and focused while developing their sensory processing.

Our Value System

In our classes the kids learn how to respect the instruments, respect one another, and themselves. They also learn to develop their attention and focusing ability in order to get the most out of class and enhance their learning ability.

We look to empower each and every student by giving them what they need in order to grow. We allow our older and more advanced students to help mentor and guide the younger students. We use intelligent questioning in order to bring out the reasoning capacity of each child. We foster an environment of mutual creativity, cooperation, compassion, and helping one another.

Physical Development

Curtis-Madigan Music LessonDrumming is the most physical of all instruments and is a great way to develop coordination and speaks to each child’s innate playful and physical instincts. This is a great advantage over more subtle and complex instruments like piano or clarinet, which are better suited for older students that have already completed our foundational rhythm and percussion classes. The physicality of drumming is something that can help with athletic development and manual dexterity.

The Music and Math Connection

Math and music have a wonderful and complimentary nature. In our music classes we use math to help clarify the nature of rhythm and its various aspects. In this way the math learned in school is strengthened while the understanding of rhythm is increased.

Our curriculum, Rhythm & Percussion with Sound Math™ contains most of the elements of fundamental math: operations, counting, geometry, and more. We align the math used in class with the appropriate grade levels of our students.

For more information about booking an after-school program for your school please contact us. We also offer special in-school workshops on The Sound of Fundamental Math. These classes are informative and fun!

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