Music Classes and Private Music Lessons in Cherry Creek North


Sound Formation is now offering a variety of music classes at Cherry Creek Dance, 2625 E 3rd Ave, Denver. Classes include: guitar, piano, family jam, advanced musicianship and more. Private and semi-private lessons available on most instruments. Select the class or classes you’d like and register here. If you need to schedule private lessons call 303-903-8360 or email

Sound Formation Cherry Creek Fall Music Schedule


Rhythm & Percussion

18813199_821831394643684_5703599492838176799_nThis is the ideal class to start as rhythm is the foundation of all music. The principles learned in this class will apply to any other instrument. Learn the curriculum and work your way up the levels earning Certificates. Confirm the cost above then register here.


This class incorporates: music theory, ear training, posture and movement as well as the development of internal hearing (making meaningful music). We use the rhythmic based approach that is the fastest way to learn music, created by Curtis Madigan. Confirm the cost above then register here.

Guitar Class

Guitar can take way too long to learn if taught incorrectly. In our class you will be making music from day one. Using the unique approach created by Curtis Madigan, you will be playing music right away and developing your skills at a rapid rate. Confirm the cost above then register here.

Family Jam

We believe strongly that music is a great bonding tool for families. It’s tremendously fun to make music together and this is the perfect class to take as a family, exploring many instruments. Confirm the cost above then register here.

Advanced Musicianship

This is a high level workshop designed for dedicated musicians ready to take their game to the next level. Learn how to rapidly improve your musicianship on any instrument, working directly with Curtis Madigan. Watch Mr. Madigan and his colleagues perform and get the opportunity to play and learn with other advanced musicians. Confirm the cost above then register here.


Liangong is a unique science of movement, alignment, and Qi-Gong. This internal martial art form, created by Dr. Zhuang, develops incredible athleticism, rehabilitates injuries rapidly, and helps with posture, balance, and coordination. Mr. Madigan is a Certified Liangong Practitioner. Confirm the cost above then register here.