Sound Formation Contemporary Honor String Ensemble

Accepting Auditions Now!

We are now accepting auditions for the 2019-20 ensemble. 

This group is made up of the most talented high school musicians in the Denver Metro area. We are currently holding auditions. If you’d like to audition please email a YouTube link with a performance piece of your choice. State your name, school, grade, and title/composer of the piece in your video.

Vision and Mission

StringsCalloutBoxPicThe Sound Formation Contemporary Honor String Ensemble was formed to mentor dedicated high-school musicians, at the highest level. We are dedicated to creating balanced and well-prepared musicians for a successful career in today’s demanding world.

We go beyond traditional repertoire by collaborating with professional singer-songwriters, performing contemporary music, as well as examining and performing well-established compositions.

In addition to performing and recording opportunities, honor string students will get to learn and train with Curtis Madigan. Madigan will lead the honor students through learning his theory of rhythm, which will dramatically enhance their technical facility and overall feel. Our students have gone on to attend prestigious colleges like Berklee College of Music.

This ensemble is for you if:

• You’re interested in performing modern music across many genres

•You’re interested in college prep and real world professional music experience

•You’re interested in developing a mastery of rhythm on your instrument


Record with Professional Music Producers and Artists


Perform with Special Guests like Megan Burtt


Directed by Curtis Madigan

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Curtis Madigan is a music education visionary and the Founder of Sound Formation. He has invented a new approach to learning music and has taught masterclasses on his innovate theory of rhythm at many colleges like UCLA and CU Denver. He coaches professional musicians, producers, and his students have gone on to attend top music colleges like Berklee College of Music, where Madigan attended.