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Eric Alterman, Teacher

I am a mountain-adventure-enthusiast-percussionist who loves to share incredible music for your audible pleasure. I began my musical journey with piano lessons at age nine and then joined the band in Middle School, where I was trained as a classical percussionist. In High School I played in the top-level symphonic band and symphony orchestra; I marched in drumline as a Snare Drummer all four years, and was Snare Captain for two of those years. During this time I continued my piano education, and got a rare opportunity to be exposed to Brazilian and Latin Percussion at a relatively young age. I began studying Steel Drums and the Pandeiro at age 15, igniting a flame for studying world music. I continued playing tenor pan for the Steel Band throughout High School and continued learning about new types of ‘exotic’ music, always hoping that my musical education would bring me back to Brazilian Music. During my first two years of college I played in the West African Highlife Ensemble at CU Boulder, focusing on music from Ghana and Guinea, while earning a degree in Geophysics and a degree in Psychology. During my junior year, an old friend from Highlife invited me to check out the brand new Brazilian Percussion Ensemble in the Percussion Department of the CU Music School. Lo and behold, I found my way back to samba! I played in the Brazilian Percussion Ensemble and the esteemed Latin Jazz Percussion Ensemble for the last three semesters of my college career, rediscovering my true musical passion. I now play in a samba band, Quatro, teach hand percussion, and love spreading the rich sounds of world music!

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