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Lorena Batista, Teacher

Lorena started her musical journey at an early age in her hometown Punto Fijo, Venezuela. Thanks to her family’s support she traveled to the United States to study Drums and Commercial Music at Miami Dade College, and a few years later received a scholarship to attend B erklee College of Music. From there on she continued her musical growth having the opportunity to share the stage with wonderful artists like Latin Grammy award winners Ed Calle, Javier Limon and Camila.

She has won national awards, like the “Vive Tu Musica” battle of the bands with her former pop band El Frente, and she accompanied the bluesy duo S kin & Bones for their “Artist of the Year” award by Five of Five Music Entertainment. In addition to performing, she has also won composition awards like the “Contemporary Writing and Production Achievement Award” at Berklee College of Music, and the “Jane Pyle Composition Competition” at Miami Dade College.

In 2014 she participated in the worldwide female competition “Hit Like A Girl,” voted #1 by the public and listed in the Top 5 female drummers that year by their amazing judges Sheila E. and Hannah Ford to name a few. This competition allowed Lorena to explore a new side of her as a writer for “Tom Tom Magazine,” the only female drummer focused magazine in the world. The competition also allowed her to become a spokeswoman for “Hit Like A Girl,” to expand awareness of female drummers and to increase their participation worldwide.

On top of all those accomplishments, Lorena is endorsed by the artisan­ handcrafted drums “ Gaai”, a unique Japanese brand made in the United States by Gaai Nakamura. She has had the pleasure of playing Gaai’s instruments for over a year, performing in live concerts and recording for artists like Mik Current, Skin & Bones, Robert Reid Gillies, Moises Velasquez and Jourdan Rystrom. Lorena has also collaborated and recorded with award winning Film & TV Composers like John Swihart (How I Met Your Mother, Napoleon Dynamite), Juan Carlos Rodriguez (East Los High, Matador), and Elik Alvarez (Yu­Gi­Oh!, Ninja Turtles).

Lorena also enjoys teaching drums at the Academy of Music for the Blind where she spends quality time sharing her knowledge with some of the most gifted students in Los Angeles. When Lorena is not drumming or teaching, she is composing original music for television, assisting at recording studios like Russ Miller’s RMI Music Productions, or orchestrating for upcoming film productions. Currently, she is producing an animated children’s album to be released later this year, she is assisting composer Joachim Horsley with his exciting writing projects, and she is touring California with her colleagues from Mik Current.

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