Elementary and Middle School Workshops

We offer individual, group classes, and assemblies on various presentations. These presentations are interactive workshops that inform and entertain the students.

The Sound of Fundamental Mathematics

Applied mathematics are a great way to reinforce what the students are learning in the classroom. Rhythm is essentially the sound of fundamental mathematics and many different types of math are involved in rhythm like: factors, sequences, symmetry, ratios, operations, counting and cardinality, algebraic thinking, and geometry. This workshop is appropriate for all grade levels and content is customized accordingly.

When understanding math musically, learning comprehension is dramatically enhanced as evidenced by a San Francisco study (1). The Common Core math initiative encourages the use of claps and sounds to help understand basic operations. Learning rhythms has also been shown to be therapeutic and beneficial for students with ADD and other learning challenges, according to this Stanford study (2).

The Music Within Language

This special presentation shows how language is made up of musical components like: accent, tone, cadence, phrase, articulation, etc. and how applying the music within language can help you to grasp it better. This includes prosody and formants. We will cover many fun and helpful ways in which you can use principles of music to improve your speaking and comprehension ability whether in English, Language Arts, or Foreign Language classes.


For Denver Public Schools please schedule through Community Resources Inc. 720-424-2300 or Stephanie_Stoetzer@nulldpsk12.org

Website: www.communityresourcesinc.org

For all other schools please contact soundformation@nullgmail.com