University Masterclasses

Owen Kortz“Curtis has a rich background with rhythm, movement, and postural health that he’s arrived at through his dedicated personal search and curiosity about music and the human experience.  He awakens that curiosity in the students I’ve seen him work with.  Curtis combines rhythm, performance, martial arts, physiology and psychology, providing a unique and fresh approach to learning the language of music.” – Owen Kortz, Area Head and Singer/Songwriter Instructor, University of Colorado Denver 

Curtis Madigan has given masterclasses  at Berklee, CU Denver and UCLA. His masterclasses focus on his theory of rhythm and method for quickly mastering groove which includes The Rhythm Compass™. These workshops are incredibly successful in revitalizing musicians’ perception of music and drive to be great performers, producers, composers, and educators. His approach also greatly enhances music literacy.

“I’ve always felt my weakest point was sight reading – which means reading rhythms. The Rhythm Compass™ has completely changed the way I read standard notation. I’m able to see the rhythms in a new light and its easier than ever to read through a chart. It’s like going from 2D to 3D.” –S. C., Professional Bassist, Recording Artist


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