Artist-in-Residence with Curtis Madigan

Owen Kortz

“Curtis has a rich background with rhythm, movement, and postural health that he’s arrived at through his dedicated personal search and curiosity about music and the human experience. He awakens that curiosity in the students I’ve seen him work with. Curtis combines rhythm, performance, martial arts, physiology and psychology, providing a unique and fresh approach to learning the language of music.” – Owen Kortz, Area Head and Singer/Songwriter Instructor, University of Colorado Denver 

Mr. Madigan has lectured internationally at CU Denver, UCLA, South Australia MTA, Denver University, and at a vast number of music education conferences. Madigan’s residencies focus on empowering the students and faculty of colleges with the exciting new territory of rhythm theory he’s pioneered.

Madigan has conducted research on his method applied to college students and recent alums with the following noteworthy results from only 5hrs of total training over 5 weeks (1hr/week):

Madigan’s Artist-In-Residences are distinct from typical performer residencies in that he has a highly specialized knowledge of rhythm theory not seen elsewhere, published books and curriculums designed specifically for college students, and the ability to demonstrate critical concepts himself on the guitar, bass, piano, and percussion. His immense body of knowledge allows musicians of any instrument, composers, conductors, musical directors, vocalists, and educators a rapid advancement in skills, information, creativity, and technical abilities.

“Curtis has developed what I believe to be a unique and effective method for teaching rhythm, one that is approachable for even the most basic student, yet robust enough for advanced musicians too. In his classroom demeanor, he strikes a good balance of informational dissemination and student engagement, involving them in the process so that learning is experiential, not just rote consumption/regurgitation.” – Todd Reid, Senior Instructor or Music and Entertainment Studies (CAM), University of Colorado Denver

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