About Sound Formation

A Revolutionary Music Education Movement

Sound Formation’s systems and methodologies, created by Curtis Madigan, are pioneering many important and extremely valuable tools for creating musical mastery.

Principles and Music Conceptualization

StringsCalloutBoxPicMusic, when taught as in Madigan’s system, gives the musician an empowerment of principles. This develops a musician that is able to conceptualize and execute music in a fluent and masterful manner within a short period of time. For advanced musicians, this method introduces numerous new concepts to take their playing to the next level. In other words, the method addresses core concepts that create massive and rapid improvements in your musicality.

A Rhythmic Based Approach

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Rhythm creates precision, power, and unification with others when studied and applied properly. Rhythm as unveiled in our system goes far beyond what is normally understood. Many new and important clarifying concepts are introduced.

The Rhythm Compass™  is a part of Madigan’s comprehensive theory of rhythm. This is an incredible tool for developing a rhythmic vocabulary, conceptualizing and feeling the true nature of time, and hearing rhythm on multiple levels simultaneously. The mathematics that define rhythm are explained and utilized as they actually make understanding and performing rhythm easier.

Emphasis on Coherence and Listening

Workbook-COVER-_Level-3_001smallIt is very possible to become quite adept at your instrument and not connect well with others. Music is unique in that the collaboration aspect and connectivity is at the forefront when taught as in our system. This teaches the power of unification and cohesiveness. We teach this throughout our curriculums and workbooks.

For more questions about our programs, and unique offerings, please contact us at soundformation@nullgmail.com or through the contact page here. We look forward to hearing from you!