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About Sound Formation

A Revolutionary Music Education Movement

There have been only a few notable music education movements. These were created by educators that had something new and insightful to offer. Sound Formation’s systems and methodologies, created by Curtis Madigan, are pioneering many important and extremely valuable tools for creating success at any level for musicians or music students.

A Value-Based Education System

StringsCalloutBoxPicValues like respect, sincerity, attention, and discipline are prerequisites to learning itself. We use these as a foundation for our teaching curriculums. Music has inherent values like harmony, silence, listening, and balance. These infuse the take-aways each student absorbs from studying in our methodology.

Music, when taught as in our system, can be a gateway to enhancing character traits like greater sensitivity, awareness of tone, and the development of much needed states including healthy self-expression and joy.

The Development of Responsivity in Musicians

Getting into the zone and deepening absorption in the music is a key to success. How to practice is also explained in depth for optimal results. Attention ability is a massive component to learning and can be measured through responsiveness. The more able to respond, the better the attention ability. Therefore, using methods and instruments that produce high responsiveness is a key to developing attention, learning ability AND music ability. Our music classes have many fun and strategic games that cause the students to react sensitively and rapidly to the many demands of music.

A Rhythmic Based Approach

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Rhythm creates precision, power, and unification with others when studied and applied properly. Rhythm as unveiled in our system goes far beyond what is normally understood. It can make or break your performance or your music career.

Groove can be elusive and hard to understand which is why The Rhythm Compass™  is a tremendous tool for learning to master rhythm and groove. Far more than just a visualization system, the use of this tool develops a sense of “Perfect Rhythm,” like perfect pitch.

Emphasis on Coherence and Listening

Workbook-COVER-_Level-3_001smallIt is very possible to become quite adept at your instrument and not connect well with others. Music is unique in that the collaboration aspect and connectivity is at the forefront when taught as in our system. This teaches the power of unification and cohesiveness. We teach this throughout our curriculums and workbooks.

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