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Electronic-Rock Trio Evanoff Gets Coaching with Curtis Madigan


A staple in the Colorado music scene, Evanoff, is a guitar driven live-electronic trio. Defined by a bold live show full of sonic exploration, blending soaring melodies and emotive bass lines. Evanoff continues to be one of the most versatile acts in the ever evolving world of electronic-rock music. Their training with Sound Formation Founder, Curtis Madigan included…continue reading.

Sound Formation Method™ Piano Level 1 and 2 Video Courses Now Available


These courses are designed specifically for SFM private lesson or after-school class students looking for additional support…continue reading

8-Week Rhythm Theory Online Course Taught by Curtis Madigan Starts Up November 28th


This is an 8 week rhythm theory intensive designed for college students and professionals. This course is taught by Sound Formation Founder, Curtis Madigan…continue reading

Songs From Time EP with Original Pieces by Dr. Peter John Stoltzman and Curtis Madigan, Now Streaming Everywhere


Peter Stoltzman and I co-wrote these pieces based on concepts from the Sound Formation Method™ rhythm theory books (the Percussion series). The first piece on Songs From Time is titled “Displacements”…continue reading

Addenbrooke Classical Academy Purchases Sound Formation Method™ Books for their Guitar Students


Addenbrooke Classical Academy runs a guitar program for juniors and seniors taught by Sound Formation Method™ certified teacher, Amanda Morin…continue reading

What’s the Point in Playing Music?


Many music students are currently playing in states of stress, in order to try to grow their musical skills. The problem is, music doesn’t live in stress. Music is the opposite of stress…continue reading

Bowling Green State University Purchases Five Sound Formation Method™ Books for their Library


Assistant Professor, Ariel Kasler, spearheads the introduction of SFM rhythm theory material to BGSU students. Bowling Green State University has nearly 500 undergraduates and graduates in their College of Musical Arts…continue reading

Why Movement Imbalances in Musicians are Causing Pain and Injuries


I work with a number of professional musicians and continue to see the same types of movement imbalances causing pain and dysfunction even when symptoms are different. For instance:

  1. Excessive tension in the periphery (fingers, hand, wrist) and lack of shoulder stability and strength. continue reading

What is Rhythm? The Definition and Meaning of Rhythm


The word rhythm comes from the Greek rhuthmos related to rhein which means “to flow.” Rhythm has two main aspects: a continuous flow and discrete or individual pinpoints. continue reading

Sound Formation Founder Curtis Madigan is Recording Original Compositions with Dr. Peter Stoltzman of Denver University


Curtis Madigan and Peter Stoltzman met in 2004 when Stoltzman was getting his Master’s Degree at New England Conservatory and Madigan was studying at Berklee College of Music. After performing together in Boston they reconnected in 2014 for the first Summer Music Camp at CU Denver by bringing in Madigan as a special guest artist. continue reading

Rhythm Conscription: It’s Your Duty as a Musician to Step up Your Game and Learn Rhythm Theory


Rhythm theory as taught in the Sound Formation Method™ develops your overall proficiency, sight reading, and ear training by leaps and bounds. As an aspiring student or well-established professional musician, it’s your duty to take your playing to the next level. continue reading

Denver University and Bowling Green State University Purchasing Sound Formation Method™ Materials


The Sound Formation Method™ is gaining traction in higher education as Denver University and Bowling Green State University are purchasing Sound Formation materials. continue reading

The Best Way to Learn Rhythm


The Sound Formation Method™ contains the world’s premier theory of rhythm. It’s scientifically proven to rapidly improve rhythmic proficiency, rhythmic sight reading, and rhythmic ear training (download the study through the link above). There are eight levels (five of which are currently published) designed for absolute beginners through professionals to the highest levels of mastery: continue reading

Sound Formation Launches Music Production Camps, Classes, and Lessons


The Sound Formation Method™ is a revolutionary system for learning music that includes the new territory of rhythm theory which is pivotal to success in music production. We offer private music lessons, classes, and camps in music production right in Denver at various locations including in-home lessons. The Sound Formation Method™ is being used by both students and professionals at the highest level. Gear we use includes: Ableton, Logic Pro, Arturia MiniBrute 2, Maschine+ Standalone, MacBook Air, Novation midi keyboards, Scarlett interface or UA Apollo Twin, and more. continue reading

Sound Formation Offers Music Educator Career Mentorships for Certified SFM Teachers


If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, want to teach an exceptional methodology with cutting-edge curriculums, and are adamant about stepping up your own abilities, consider investing in a Sound Formation Method™ Teacher Certification. You are investing to learn new skills that will drastically enhance your musicianship and in order to be mentored directly by Sound Formation CEO Curtis Madigan in creating a sustainable and thriving business for yourself as an educator. Fill out an application now to get started. continue reading

The Sound Formation Method™ Contains the First Comprehensive Theory of Rhythm


The Sound Formation Method™ developed by Curtis Madigan, contains the first comprehensive theory of rhythm. This theory of rhythm was meticulously crafted with Madigan’s brand new ideas that drastically change how rhythm is being conceptualized, visualized, heard, and practiced. Professional musicians that are already at a very high level, are studying this system to elevate their playing, better communicate with band members, increase creativity, and find their way into vastly better grooves. continue reading

Music Resources for Dyslexic Students


Dyslexic students can struggle with reading notation because like text, it is also symbolic and not a visual-spatial system. For many dyslexic students, the Rhythm Compass™ is a complete game changer in learning music because it allows them to see music in a way that’s congruent with their innate style of thinking. Sound Formation offers ear training assessments, private lessons, music coaching, and a number of workbooks in a revolutionary new methodology that’s a phenomenal resource for students with dyslexia. continue reading

Free Ebook: Why Do I Have Problems with Rhythm? 


Understand exactly what you’re missing in your rhythmic feel. Get a glimpse into the method that has helped tens of thousands. Learn simple principles that deliver profound results when applied. continue reading

Sound Formation Launches One-of-a-Kind Ear Training Assessments


Sound Formation offers one-of-a-kind ear training assessments for professional musicians and music students. This includes assessments and consultations on Perfect Pitch and Perfect Rhythm, musical strengths and weaknesses in pitch and rhythm continue reading

It’s Time to Update the Definition of Hemiola


Hemiola is one of many rhythmic definitions that must be updated in order to understand and easily describe patterns that make up an enormous amount of rhythms across all genres. continue reading

The Sound Formation Method™ Gets Support from the Musical Director for Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor, Demi Lovato, and Leon Bridges


“Curtis Madigan’s courses are truly special. Students all over the world practice with metronomes all the time, but it seems there’s only a handful of players who really achieve great rhythm. It’s as if it’s in their bones and can’t be taught. Curtis’s method is the first that I’ve seen that can really teach that X-factor of great, deeply rooted rhythm. I feel like every musician should check this out.” continue reading

Sound Formation Founder Curtis Madigan Helps Musicians Recover from Debilitating Injuries


“It cannot be overstated how useful it has been to learn exercises that are directly focused on healing musician-related overuse injuries. After years of struggling with forearm tendinitis and spending thousands on various physical therapists & other specialists I found Liangong and the difference was incredible – every other specialist was focused almost purely on strength building with no regard for tension. Liangong has enabled me to continue my career as a professional musician!” – Michael Lennsen (Data Lords album w/Maria Schneider Orchestra), Denver, CO continue reading

CU Denver’s Dr. Robyn Gisbert Joins the Sound Formation Staff


Robyn is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine where she teaches neuroscience and humanities in healthcare. She is thrilled to be working with Sound Formation as a  powerful integrative method that uses both sides of the brain, and makes learning fun and easy. Growing up in a family of musicians and musical educators continue reading

The Sound Formation Method™ Receives Endorsement from Award-Winning Author and Past President of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development


“Curtis Madigan, known as the “Rhythm Doctor,” is brilliant. His highly engaging and creative teaching of rhythm through a visual-spatial language, is exciting and innovative. Utilization of his Rhythm Compass brings alive the power of visualization. His strategies for teaching music can also improve focus, attention and physicality. Curtis embraces whole brain learning, which totally resonates with my own professional work in vision therapy. His method should be the future of music education!” continue reading