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Experience the revolutionary new method transforming the lives of music students across the globe. Click on a book cover for a full preview of the contents. Discover what it feels like to have a complete mastery of rhythm.

This book is specifically designed for intermediate and advanced guitarists looking to strengthen their rhythmic abilities.

Unique SFM concepts are taught here that aren’t in the Rhythm & Percussion with Sound Math™ workbook series.

Concepts from primarily Levels 1-4 from the SFM are addressed here including:

•Waxing and Waning Sixteenths and in 6/8

•Neighboring Syncopations

•Accent Displacement Muted Strumming Exercises


The Sound Formation Method™ allows you to immediately make music and get the feel correct. This let’s you play with other musicians of any level right away. You’ll learn secrets of groove that you can’t find anywhere else.

In this book you’ll learn how to play any sharp, flat or natural note, ALL minor and major chords, read bass clef and chord charts, develop excellent movement mechanics, staccato and legato articulations, core level rhythmic principles, dynamics, fingerings, and start to identify melodies and chords by ear.


In this book you’ll expand your chord chart reading ability, build a rhythmic vocabulary of sixteenth note syncopations, learn integrative etudes, develop superior movement mechanics, work on precise durations, use major and minor scales with correct fingerings and fun grooves, and expand on recognizing chord types and rhythms by ear.




•Even if you’re a professional percussionist, start here. This book will introduce a new way of conceptualizing rhythm and introduce you to The Rhythm Compass™.




This is where you start to really build a solid vocabulary of rhythms and the skill of reflecting and rotating rhythms. Get introduced to true syncopations and why they’re critical to your ability of having a tremendous musical feel and groove. Click here for more.




There are so many incredible concepts unveiled in this system and one of the biggest is the Anatomy of a Groove. Learning this concept and others in this book will assure that you can hear and perform any groove rapidly. More importantly, the way you play – your FEEL – will change dramatically.



The Level 4 Workbook dives deeply into 6/8 and sixteenth note triplet syncopations which are then rotated (displaced), reflected, and mixed with other syncopations. Binary thinking/feeling, rhythmic octaves, and measure level vs individual beat level shapes are addressed. Also, covered in this book is beginning to master odd time signatures using new and previous principles addressed in this series.


The mystery of polyrhythms and their hemiolas is unveiled in this book. A new definition of hemiola is necessary to cover this vast aspect of rhythm. You’ll learn why a 4:3 polyrhythm is different than 3:4 and how to subdivide and syncopate these rhythms to create a mastery over them.




Workbooks Level 6-8 Coming Soon!

Discover Phrase Level Rhythmic Shapes, displaced 6:4 hemiolas, 6/8 syncopated hemiolas, the easiest ways to conceptualize and practice metric modulation, the same syncopations at two tempos, mastering any quintuplet syncopation, and implied tempo modulation.
















Instructional Videos

Video Courses for Levels 4-6 Coming Soon

Free Ebook: 5 Simple Principles to Improve Your Groove

This Guide Will Teach You:

  • Exactly what you're missing in your rhythmic feel
  • Simple principles that deliver profound results
  • Why rhythm seems elusive and harder than it should be