Programs for Gifted Students and Schools

Curtis Madigan is a passionate educator of gifted students and has spoken at the Colorado Association for Gifted Talented Conference, led professional developments at Westgate School (gifted charted school) and for Denver Public Schools GT staff, and has offered special workshops at the Logan School for Creative Learning (private gifted school) as well as for GT students at Denver School of the Arts in math-art integration projects. His camps and after-school programs have run at numerous other public and private gifted schools and Sound Formation offers private music lessons for gifted students. Sound Formation’s offerings are recognized by the Institute for Educational Advancement as a resource for gifted children across the nation. If you’re interested in our Teacher Certification Program for your school, please email or call us.


I believe parents of gifted children will find Sound Formation an excellent resource for their children. This visual-spatial approach to music is highly engaging and can improve attention and focus. Once visual-spatial learners see the visual representations of rhythmic patterns, they are able to read musical notation more easily and effectively, remembering the shapes of the various rhythms. I also enjoy Curtis as a person; he is a good human!
Linda Silverman, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Director, Gifted Development Center
Author, Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner