Elevate Your Career as a Music Educator

If you are serious about taking your career to the next level, want to teach an exceptional methodology with cutting-edge curriculums, and are adamant about stepping up your own abilities, consider investing in a Sound Formation Method™ Teacher Certification. You are investing to learn new skills that will drastically enhance your musicianship and in order to be mentored directly by Sound Formation CEO Curtis Madigan in creating a sustainable and thriving business for yourself as an educator. Fill out an application now to get started.

Career Opportunities for Music Teachers of GT Students

•Get access to the best curricula for gifted music students

•Train and become certified in the Sound Formation Method™

•Get continuous support for your music career

Apply Now

Part-Time Positions Available in Denver

•Sound Formation Piano Lead After-School Teacher

•Sound Formation Piano Assistant After-School Teacher

•Sound Formation Lead Percussion After-School Teacher

•Sound Formation Assistant Music Production Teacher

Please submit a cover letter and resume or CV to for consideration. Peak hiring times are generally early-mid August and December.