Sound Formation Piano


We started our program as we saw the tremendous need for quality music education. We strategically choose piano as one of the starting points in a child’s musical journey. Playing on piano allows the child to begin making music from the very first class. The Sound Formation Method™ allows all students to get the feel right from day one through our unique rhythm training and have a very positive experience right away because of this.

Developing a Great Feel

Because feel is introduced from the beginning students are able to make music that is satisfying and thus, they’re highly motivated to continue. Rhythm is assimilated as easily as learning the harmonic layout of the piano. Piano along with hand-percussion are two instruments that allow for a balance in dexterity through using both hands.


Class Curriculum: Sound Formation Method™ Piano Level 1 and 2

Our after-school enrichment curriculum draws primarily from the SFM level 1 and Level 2 Piano Workbooks along with specialized games, harmonic and rhythmic ear training, and learning songs. Every student has their own keyboard and headphones in class and after discussing concepts as a group students are then able to immediately implement them.

The learning environment is extremely fun, engaging, and upbeat. Our instructors utilize hand-percussion instruments like cajon to accompany students and add an extra layer of groove to what they’re working on. Students can also play on percussion too in order to better assimilate rhythmic ideas. Click here to register now for a class.