Jake Hall

While still in high-school Jake Hall earned a certificate in sound design from Berklee College of Music, soon after his senior year he ventured to Colorado, embarking on a path that intertwined his passion for audio production and drumming. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production in 2015, his dedication and talent shone brightly from his academic achievements such as his appearance at TED X Youth where he orchestrated a mesmerizing performance.

Jake’s proficiency extends beyond live performances, with notable production work for international artist Matisyahu. His versatile talents continue to shine as he assumes the role of drummer for the national artist Evanoff, and his solo DJ/ production project Oomah. A maestro of sound, Jake Hall boasts a prolific 17-year journey as a music producer and 23 years behind the drumset. He has a Level 1 Sound Formation Method™ Teacher Certification in Music Production and Drums.