Dr. Robyn Gisbert

Dr. Robyn Gisbert is a physical therapist who has used dance and music as adjuncts to traditional therapy to help people optimize movement, learning, and quality of life for over 25 years. Formally trained in Neurologic Music Therapy, she is passionate about how the brain perceives and is changed by musical and rhythmic experiences. Robyn is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine where she teaches neuroscience and humanities in healthcare. She is thrilled to be working with Sound Formation as a  powerful integrative method that uses both sides of the brain, and makes learning fun and easy. Growing up in a family of musicians and musical educators, Robyn whole-heartedly believes music helps us learn and grow. She plays piano and keyboards with some of Denver’s finest including; Gracie Bassie, Soldier of Love, Winehouse, and the Bryon Shaw project. Robyn merges science and art and specializes with beginning musicians.

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