Liangong is a health exercise system that combines orthopedic science and sports medicine and was developed by Dr. Zhuang Yuan Ming in a Shanghai hospital in the 1970s for addressing chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, legs, and feet. Curtis Madigan is a Certified Liangong Practitioner and has helped numerous people rapidly recover from tendonitis, numbness and immobility, sciatica, debilitating lower back pain, neck pain, bunions, wrist pain, and more. Madigan’s training in Liangong and other martial arts has given him an incredible insight into movement mechanics as applied to music performance across all instruments. Rhythm and movement are closely aligned and rhythmic timing issues can be greatly alleviated through the practice of Liangong.

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Under Curtis’s tutelage I was able to correct my running gait to a significant degree that was predisposing me to shin splints. One of the major things that I garnered from Curtis’s instruction was significant gains in my body awareness which plays a huge role in rehabbing a joint like my shoulder, which after shattering it in an accident, I have had mobility issues. The movements that are the core of Liangong are stepping stones for people like me who lack an instinctual, innate sense of space and proper biomechanics and allows us to correct these problems.”  -Vikram Sharma MD

“After about a month of enduring pain on my left wrist, I’m glad I reached out to Curtis to get an opinion from him. He advised I strengthen it with a very simple wrist exercise one can do virtually anywhere. One month of pain went away in less than two days. It’s clear Curtis has a deep passion for the human anatomy and I would highly recommend speaking to him about any joint or muscle issues you may have.” –Jonathan Gabai, Beverly Hills, CA