Music Teacher Certifications

Transform Your Own Playing

•Unravel the mystery of groove, feel, and see rhythm in a completely new way

•Become more confident and powerful on your instrument

•Learn to unify with other musicians and attain peak performance states

“It’s brilliant how simple and elegant The Rhythm Compass is. It’s offered me a way to visualize and simplify seemingly highly complex beats. Very intuitive. I’m using it regularly to develop my own polyrhythms.”
– Sameer Bhattacharya, Multi-Platinum Guitarist of Flyleaf

Transform Your Students’ Playing


•Get a methodical approach that creates rapid growth

•Create highly engaged and creative students

•Groove is the missing component to having more fun in your lessons


What You’ll Get

•20 hours of 1:1 training with Sound Formation Founder Curtis Madigan

•Exclusive access to SFM Certified Teacher resources, discounted books

•Support in your career as a music teacher (marketing, referrals, coaching, etc)

Teacher-Certificate-003The Level 1 Teacher Certification Training will cover teaching the Sound Formation Method™ curriculums at Level 1 through Level 4 on your principle instrument(s). You will also understand how this methodology applies to hand-percussion.

Participants wanting to earn a Level 1 Teacher Certification must already hold a music degree, however exceptions may apply with sufficient professional experience. Becoming a Sound Formation™ Certified Instructor implies the signature of a Licensing Agreement which will be sent before the training.

What Teachers and Experts are Saying

“I became a Sound Formation teacher last June and it was the best job decision I’ve ever made. I now have a nearly full lesson schedule of bright, engaged kids who are learning quickly aided by the Sound Formation curriculums. The lessons also pay over triple of what’s standard at traditional/ corporate lesson studios, which has allowed me to improve my lifestyle too. The entire time I’ve received ongoing support and resources from Curtis. His support has kept me improving not only as a musician, but as a person as well. I highly, highly recommend the Sound Formation teacher certification!” – Adrian Garay, Bachelor of Science in Music, CU Denver
Curtis Madigan’s innovative theory of rhythm heralds the arrival of an entirely new paradigm for music education. In my twenty years of evaluating arts programs across America, the Sound Formation Method is the most exciting and promising music step-by-step learning system I have seen. It capitalizes on the natural integration of music and mathematics and catapults student learning in both subject areas. Fortunate are the students who have access to this program! This is the future of music education.  – Lynn Waldorf, PhD, Arts & Education Consultant

As a music educator who has taught traditional methods, I now think about rhythm in a completely new way after working with Curtis and teaching with Sound Formation. The Rhythm Compass™ is an intuitive approach for understanding rhythm at a fundamental level while scaling to more complex and higher-order music concepts as students grow. I highly recommend his program and see it as a new standard in music education. – Charlie Albers, Professional Guitarist and Educator, Bachelor of Arts in Music, University of Missouri 


I’m a bass player of over 30 years, a graduate of Musicians Institute, a professional player, and a teacher myself. Working with Curtis has completely changed my approach to playing, teaching, and reading music specifically when it comes to rhythm. His approach is absolutely game changing. This way of learning rhythm is something anyone at any age or level can and should do. I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn music or to take their playing to the next level to contact Curtis.Steve Cox, Musicians Institute Graduate, Professional Bassist and Educator


The Rhythm Compass™ allows students to clearly visualize beat cycles and the various subdivisions, which improves rhythmic accuracy. It is especially helpful with smaller subdivisions like sixteenth notes, triplets, and sixteenth note syncopations because students can visualize exactly how to divide the downbeat, and more easily overcome the tendency to rush.Meaghan Guterman, Vocalist, Doctor of Musical Arts, University of Washington


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Training For Your Own Musicianship Package: Study One-on-One with Curtis Madigan to dramatically and rapidly improve your own musicianship. Includes workbooks. Focus is on your own playing only, not on how to teach the method. 15 hours of instruction. No Certification Included. $3150

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Level 1 Teacher Certification Package for One Instrument: Level 1 Teacher Certificate, license of Sound Formation Method™ curriculums*, email and phone support, access to exclusive online training materials, personal training and in-lesson support/assistance with Sound Formation Founder Curtis Madigan, access to discounted workbook prices. $4000 *Licensing agreement will be emailed before training and must be signed. 

Purchase Level 1 Teacher Certification Package for One Instrument

Level 1 Teacher Certification Package for Multiple Instruments: All of the above plus another 7 hours of training for each additional instrument. $4000 + $1500/per each extra instrument. *Licensing agreement will be emailed before training and must be signed. 

Purchase Level 1 Teacher Certification Package for Multiple Instruments

Free Ebook: 5 Simple Principles to Improve Your Groove

This Guide Will Teach You:

  • Exactly what you're missing in your rhythmic feel
  • Simple principles that deliver profound results
  • Why rhythm seems elusive and harder than it should be