Sound Formation Method™ Movement Training

Curtis Madigan’s vast understanding of the physicality involved in music performance comes directly from his training in Liangong and other martial arts.

There is a physicality of music that is inseparable from the purely sonic aspects of music. This is often thought of as an elusive “you either have it or you don’t” musical feel, however there is actually a precise science to this:

•There are ways of moving on the instrument which will cause injuries over time

•There are ways of moving on the instrument which actually inhibit rhythmic feel and accuracy of timing

•There are specific techniques for perceiving the distinct characteristics of the rhythmic cycle

•What’s known as “musical feel” is actually due to very specific qualities of movement and proprioceptive awareness during music performance

“The Sound Formation Method is such a thorough and integrative approach to learning music that’s in perfect alignment with my background as a physical therapist. Curtis’s method emphasizes and systematically develops pragmatic body awareness in tandem with rhythmic training. This is tremendously helpful for avoiding common injuries, greatly enhancing technical ability, and increasing rhythmic perception. I appreciate the Rhythm Compass’s facilitation of more seamless and natural processing of rhythmic relationships. Curtis’s curriculums are interhemispheric which’s helping a wider body of students to attain musical success.”  – Robyn Gisbert, DPT, PT
Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at CU Denver

The Sound Formation Method™ utilizes a number of strategic and creative exercises to enhance technique (improving speed, accuracy, and timbre), increase rhythmic perception, and solidify groove and rhythmic stability. This physicality was developed by Curtis Madigan after intensive studies in the martial arts like Liangong. Curtis Madigan is a Certified Liangong Practitioner.

To learn this art of movement reach out to us or visit here for more info on Liangong.