Sound Formation Orchestra

Inaugural Year Starting Fall 2021: More Information to Come Soon 

This group is made up of the most talented high school musicians in the Denver Metro area along with exceptional college students and professional musicians. Visit our main site: (coming soon).

Vision and Mission

StringsCalloutBoxPicThe Sound Formation Orchestra is being formed to mentor dedicated high school, college, and professional musicians in Denver. We are dedicated to creating balanced and well-prepared musicians for a successful career in today’s demanding world and providing rhythmic training to already established musicians.

We embrace a modern sound by performing contemporary music and expanding this orchestra to include drum set, hand-percussion, vocalists and electric instruments like electric guitar, bass guitar and keys.

This ensemble is for you if:

• You’re interested in performing modern and groove-based music across many genres

•You’re interested in college prep and/or real world professional music experience

•You’re interested in developing a mastery of rhythm on your instrument


Record with Professional Music Producers and Artists


Perform with Special Guests



Free Ebook: 5 Simple Principles to Improve Your Groove

This Guide Will Teach You:

  • Exactly what you're missing in your rhythmic feel
  • Simple principles that deliver profound results
  • Why rhythm seems elusive and harder than it should be