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Curtis Madigan, Founder & CEO


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Curtis Madigan is a producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, performer, recording artist, composer, and music education pioneer. He founded Sound Formation, Inc out of the intention to create a balanced, more in depth, and integrated music education system. He is an award-winning guitarist, graduate of Berklee College of Music in guitar performance and composition, and a frequent guest lecturer in college masterclasses, high school workshops and special presentations in elementary schools. He has been on faculty as a summer music camp instructor at CU Denver for the past four years. There he has taught latin jazz and pop/rock ensembles as well as bass and guitar lessons.

Curtis Guitar SoloMr. Madigan created his new methodology after a rich upbringing in honor jazz ensembles, private lessons with top guitarists, regular gigs as a house bassist, saxophonist in concert bands, guitarist in all-state jazz bands, intensive studies in music theory, and graduating from one of the best music schools in the world. He coaches many top level musicians of all instruments. His work and methods have been supported by numerous professors of music and other professional musicians. Many professionals are using his methodologies to enhance their own abilities.

The new approach Mr. Madigan developed simplifies the learning process and eliminates wrong emphasis that creates technical ability without musical creativity. There should be strong technical ability AND strong musical creativity. His new approach develops comprehensive music understanding, deeper inspiration, and more creativity. This approach allows literally anyone to make music instantly and it also allows advanced musicians a more balanced approach in addition to unraveling many persistent and confusing aspects of music education.

Gifted Music Education

Curtis Madigan has a passion for teaching gifted students and his teaching method has seen great success with this audience. He recently spoke at the Denver Public Schools, Gifted and Talented professional development conference on how music can be used to enhance gifted learner’s development. He also mentors gifted students from many schools across the globe. His books are a tremendous resource for GT students.Presentation1

Workbooks Published

Mr. Madigan has authored and published a series of integrative workbooks on his revolutionary methodology. These are used as the method books for his popular Rhythm & Percussion after-school classes.

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