Curtis-Madigan Music Lesson


After-School Rhythm & Percussion Class

“My son has always had an interest in music. The Rhythm and Percussion after school class has been a wonderful experience for him.  He is beaming after every session and always wants to do more at home.  Keep up the great work. I would recommend this class to every parent wanting to expose their children to music.”

-Lance Ginaven, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

“I thought this was just going to be a drumming class when I registered my son, but he surprised me when he came home one day after class and was explaining to me what a ratio was and how it is used in music. My son is in first grade! Steve was so good with the students and my son always looked forward to class day. Thank you!”

Michelle S., Rhythm & Percussion class parent

Curtis-Madigan Music Lesson“They are absolutely LOVING your class. They come home and talk about nothing but the drums.”

-Suparna, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

“This class was the best and it gets you really interested in drumming.”

Lola, Rhythm & Percussion class student

“Your class was wonderful and Rowan learned so much. He has a drum set and has been applying what he learned since the class ended.“

Maggie O’Toole, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

“My son Ari LOVES the class. He LOVED Rob and came home and drummed all night :)”

Amy Druck, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

“She absolutely loved the class!  It’s her favorite part of her week!  I’m impressed with how much she learned.”

-Julie GillRhythm & Percussion class parent

“I learned really cool, hard stuff like that there are so many different kinds of beats – rushes, drags, up beats and down beats!”

-Rowan, Rhythm & Percussion class student

“My son Isaac loved Curtis’ Rhythm and Percussion class! He was excited to attend each week and said that Curtis was really patient and fun. Isaac enjoyed the instruction so much that he asked for a rhythm drum for Christmas. We will will be back for more!”

Lissa Myers, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

Curtis-Madigan Music Lesson

“Curtis was the best!”

Sadie, Rhythm & Percussion class student

“Thank you so much for the entertainment yesterday. The kids and staff had a blast. The gentleman that worked yesterday were AWESOME with our kids. We really enjoyed it.”

-Megan Langerak | General Recreation Coordinator, Town of Erie | Parks & Recreation

“This class has been a really great experience for Thomas.  You are really great with the kids – much appreciated!”

James Drever, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

“Lucy has been loving the class and talks about it a lot.  Thanks for making it so fun and educational!”

-Caroline Hagadorn, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

“My girls loved Rhythm and Drumming! Not only did they have fun but they learned how to keep a beat in different tempos. Curtis was always patient and happy!”

Amy D, Rhythm & Percussion class parent

The Rhythm Compass™ Testimonials

SameerPic“It’s brilliant how simple and elegant The Rhythm compass is. It’s offered me a way to visualize and simplify seemingly highly complex beats. Very intuitive. I’m using it regularly to develop my own polyrhythms.”

-Sameer Bhattacharya, Multi-Platinum Guitarist of Flyleaf


“As an honors graduate of Musicians Institute and professional bass player with over 25 years experience I’ve always felt I had a solid grasp of rhythm and groove, but after working with Curtis for just a short time my entire approach to rhythm has completely changed.

Steve CoxThe Rhythm Compass methodology makes learning and understanding even the most complex of rhythms much simpler. Being able to visualize rhythms in this way has really helped me to better understand duration, space, and syncopation.

A drummer that I’ve have been performing with for over 4 years recently commented that “we feel tighter than ever as a rhythm section.” I really wish this was the way I was taught from day one. My groove has improved and continues to get better!”

-Steve Cox, Wendy Woo band, professional Bassist, MI graduate

Derrick Ambat Headshot copy“The Rhythm Compass is a great tool to help you internalize the proper feel/ groove for whatever you are trying to compose or improvise.”

-Derrick Ambat, Music Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, MI grad in audio engineering

Adult Percussion Classes and Workshops

“Curtis has the rare ability to translate his deep understanding of music and percussion into a language even the most novice musician can understand. Your skills – and confidence – will noticeably improve after just one class!”

Katie Guzman

Curtis-Madigan Music Lesson