About The Rhythm Compass™

“It’s brilliant how simple and elegant The Rhythm compass is. It’s offered me a way to visualize and simplify seemingly highly complex beats. Very intuitive. I’m using it regularly to develop my own polyrhythms.”
– Sameer Bhattacharya, Multi-Platinum Guitarist of Flyleaf



unspecified3The Rhythm Compass™ is part of a new and completely original method developed by Sound Formation founder, Curtis Madigan. The Rhythm Compass™ is one component of a comprehensive theory of rhythm developed by Madigan. It works to give all musicians an unshakable foundation and ultimately a mastery over groove and feel. This method is being taught across the globe and 60+ schools nationwide in the states.  It works from the most elementary level to the most advanced levels possible and encompasses numerous never-before-taught concepts. It also addresses subdivision, true syncopation, duration, polyrhythms and their relationship to hemiolas, rhythmic melodicism, gradations and degradations of swing, tempo modulation and much more.

It is the quickest method for assimilating and attaining rhythmic mastery. This system is taught through special masterclasses, workbooks, and video courses and includes artistic renderings of subdivisions, syncopations, waxing and waning durations, and images that unveil new rhythmic concepts. This system breaks down and explains rhythm in the simplest and most concise manner. Results are rapid and long lasting in your groove and overall feel. If you are looking for a total mastery of rhythm whether a beginner or professional musician, look no further! Discover the secret of groove.

The Math and Music Connection

The Rhythm Compass™ showcases how every facet of rhythm is aligned with a mathematical counterpart. Using the math involved in rhythm actually simplifies understanding groove and feel. The many aspects of math involved in rhythm include:


operations, ratios, factors, symmetry, arrays, counting and cardinality, algebraic thinking, geometry, and more. The Rhythm Compass™ also acts as an incredible visualization system that allows the musician to see their music in their mind’s eye. This helps keep them in their artistic mind, rather than only their thinking/analytical mind.




“The Rhythm Compass is a great tool to help you internalize the proper feel/ groove for whatever you are trying to compose or improvise.” 

-Derrick Ambat, Music Producer, Multi-instrumentalist, MI grad in audio engineering

“As an honors graduate of Musicians Institute and professional bass player with over 25 years experience I’ve always felt I had a solid grasp of rhythm and groove, but after working with Curtis for just a short time my entire approach to rhythm has completely changed. The Rhythm Compass methodology makes learning and understanding even the most complex of rhythms much simpler. Being able to visualize rhythms in this way has really helped me to better understand duration, space, and syncopation. 
A drummer that I’ve have been performing with for over 4 years recently commented that “we feel tighter than ever as a rhythm section.” I really wish this was the way I was taught from day one. My groove has improved and continues to get better!”
– Steve Cox, Wendy Woo band, professional Bassist, MI graduate

“It truly is a very unique system that can help people visualize rhythm in a better way.”
– Zach Del Hierro, Professional Cajon Player, percussionist with Tito Malaga

“I’ve always felt my weakest point was sight reading – which means reading rhythms. The Rhythm Compass™ has completely changed the way I read standard notation. I’m able to see the rhythms in a new light and its easier than ever to read through a chart. It’s like going from 2D to 3D.”S. C., Professional Bassist, Recording Artist