About The Rhythm Compass™

It’s brilliant how simple and elegant The Rhythm Compass is. It’s offered me a way to visualize and simplify seemingly highly complex beats. Very intuitive. I’m using it regularly to develop my own polyrhythms.
– Sameer Bhattacharya, Multi-Platinum Guitarist of Flyleaf


Dramatically Transform Your Groove and Feel

unspecified3 The Rhythm Compass™ teaches you to play by ear. It allows you to hear everything in your head with vivid clarity the same way you can with speech.

The Rhythm Compass™ is part of the Sound Formation Method™, both of which were created by Curtis Madigan. The SFM is the quickest method for assimilating and attaining rhythmic mastery. You can learn this system through coaching, workbooks, and video courses. This system breaks down and explains rhythm in the simplest and most concise manner. Results are rapid and long lasting in your groove and overall feel. If you are looking for a total mastery of rhythm whether a beginner or professional musician, look no further! Discover the secret of groove.


The Rhythm Compass is brilliant because it entrains the musician to recognize groove elements VISUALLY as well as aurally and physically.

-Michael Hewett, Guitar World author, Berklee grad, accomplished recording and performing artist

Develop PERFECT RHYTHM like Perfect Pitch


You can use The Rhythm Compass™ and the Sound Formation Method™ to develop “perfect rhythm” or the ability to instantly hear the layers of rhythmic shapes present in every song.

Develop a rhythmic vocabulary by using The Rhythm Compass™ and then notice how this arises naturally when you’re listening to music. This is the rhythmic equivalent of perfect pitch.

Enhance Your Musical Literacy

•Rapidly improve your reading skills in standard notation

•Develop the ability to see the rhythmic shapes while sight reading

•An absolute game changer for visual learners that struggle with reading


Once visual-spatial learners see the visual representations of rhythmic patterns, they are able to read musical notation more easily and effectively, remembering the shapes of the various rhythms. I also enjoy Curtis as a person; he is a good human!
Linda Silverman, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Director, Gifted Development Center
Author, Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual-Spatial Learner



I’ve always felt my weakest point was sight reading – which means reading rhythms. The Rhythm Compass™ has completely changed the way I read standard notation. I’m able to see the rhythms in a new light and its easier than ever to read through a chart. It’s like going from 2D to 3D. –Steve Cox, Professional Bassist, Musicians Institute Graduate




The rhythmic shapes are extremely straight forward. I studied them to increase my rhythmic vocabulary, the same way I studied licks to increase my melodic vocabulary. Now when I see notes in standard sotation I can visualize the shapes. -Adrian Garay, Professional Guitarist, CU Denver Graduate